Wednesday, March 5, 2014

custom crib skirt

After assembling the crib, I thought you need to cover yourself up, missus!  I went on and spent hours upon hours obsessing over fabric for the nursery.  Since the nursery walls were white, I knew I wanted fabrics that would really pop.   I finally went for a green polka dotted number called Loralie Fast Women Jumbo Dots Green/White (wft is that name, right?!); I ordered 2.5 yards of the stuff.  Sadly, the last time I checked, they ran out of giant loose lady fabric.  There are other great options though and I would absolute use again.  Check out the final product! 


Easiest sewing project ever.  You just need three rectangular pieces of fabric; one for the front of the crib and two for the sides.  Measure the length and width of the front and sides of the crib just under the mattress to the floor.  For my crib, the measurements were 16.5” height, 51.5”long (front) and 26.5” long (sides).  Be sure to add at least 3 inches extra to your measurements.  I sewed a zip stitch and the edge to prevent fraying, folded the edges in by about 1/2 an inch, and straight stitched over the tip of the fold.  Just the tip. 


I used safety pins to attach the fabric to the mattress frame.  The corners were a little bit of a pain.  I was glad I added that extra 3 inches to fill up any potential gaps in the corners. 


Now I can store things under the crib on the DL…maybe food, probably not, probably diapers.  Anyone out there in nesting mode?