Wednesday, October 2, 2013



I made a trellis in the summer for my peas!  I didn’t realize there were going to grow so quickly.  It said 6’ on the seed box, but I honestly thought it was a typo for 6”.  Blame it on baby brain.  Anyways, the peas were spreading out nicely, so I decided to build trellis.  All you need are 6-8 sticks of bamboo, a trellis kit, twist ties, and a staple gun. 


This project is super easy.  Weave the bamboo through the trellis, and secure with twist ties.  Stick the bamboo into your soil and use a staple gun to secure the trellis to a nearby fence. 


Come back soon, I’m going to rush a few gardening posts this week because it’s harvest time! 

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