Thursday, October 3, 2013

my carrots look weird

I gardened!  And failed a little; kinda a lot.  The cardboard I set down under the soil didn’t stop the grass from growing and thriving.  So disappointing!  Next year, I am going to buy weed sheets and dig the whole thing up.  The only veggies that made it were my onions and carrots.  Oddly, the carrots grew many legs.


What went wrong?!  I think the pellets didn’t open up properly.  Maybe I didn’t water the garden enough.  I feel uncomfortable just looking at them.  The top inch of the carrot looked fine, then it sprouted into many legs.  This isn’t normal right? 


I sent Chris a picture with an insecure message and he said they were perfect and that they’d be delicious.  Super encouraging, that guy!  So I decided we’d eat them, no regrets.  I wanted to wash them thoroughly, and according to several bloggers, you can put them right into your washing machine!  No soap and set the machine to delicate.  I shook the excess dirt off the carrots and dumped the batch in.  After the wash, the carrots looked so fresh and so clean, clean.  I soaked the carrots in vinegar/water for 20 seconds, then they were so clean you could eat off them, HA. 


I put the thick tops into a roasted potato/carrot/onion dish.  I put the skinny bottoms into my juicer. 


Taste wise, these were the sweetest carrots I’ve ever had!  Mind you, look wise, these were the strangest carrots I’ve ever seen.  But they were yummy and juicy; I’m so proud! 


  1. Good for you! I'm sure they were delicious!

  2. Thank you for putting a smile on my face!!! This post just made me chuckle seeing those leggy carrots! So glad they were yummy!!! Happy Tuesday to you!!!